5 Things Social Media ‘Experts’ Forget to Do

As social media experts, we still have so many things that we forget to do on a daily basis. Now, I could write a separate 1,000 word article on each of these topics but I have a growing fear of causing myself injury from typing too much on a daily basis. So, without further gilding of the lily, here are 5 things that “Social Media Experts” forget to do.

1: Integrate Other Media

In case you didn’t have the privilege of Melissa Burnett teaching your Creative Marketing class in college, I’ll give you a quick rundown. A fundamental element of every  marketing effort should be to drive your customers to ALL of your other channels. That’s where ‘Integrated’ comes in on our business cards and agency taglines. If you’re doing a print campaign, make sure that it matches your digital campaign and has call outs for URL’s, usernames and appropriate hashtags. It seems like a fundamental idea but, if you look through your magazine collection atop your toilet, you’ll notice that many people forget such things on the regular. If you’re running TV spots, don’t forget to direct people to finish the story or join the discussion on social media and/or your dot com. One of the best instances of this was Right Guard’s “Love in the Shower” campaign that had great results on a limited budget. They had those results because of a solid integrated campaign, orchestrated by Defero.

If you’re not sure where to drive traffic or what social media goes with what medium, check out my previous article on the subject here. Also, when you integrate your social media into other mediums, be sure to add in UGC components. That shows people who weren’t already aware that your brand is one that actively participates in conversation with your fans and followers, not just talks at them. (On a side note, stay tuned for my next article on the importance of UGC.)

2: Establish Key Performance Indicators

Being quirky, funny and moderately entertaining is great but it doesn’t justify a budget spend. You need to establish what your social media will do. A great place to start is by establishing the value of a Fan, Follower, Subscriber, etc. For a previous client, I did this with the help of John Marzolph.  We established a Facebook Fan value for a skeptical customer. On a side note, our own research came to almost the exact same conclusion as Syncapse’s research did 2 months later.

After you establish a value, establish analytics that will prove the success of your campaign. If you have a high value, gaining more people is a good place to start. Visits, comments, new followers, and a bunch of other statistics are telling but; don’t forget to use more complicated analytics that show how your social media actually caused a consumer to act. Place a value on social media specific coupon codes. Check the Google Analytics on your site to see if people are coming to your dot com from Facebook or Twitter. The more complex the campaign, the more key performance indicators you should build in. Otherwise, your success could be attributed elsewhere.

3: Integrate Digital with Reality

This is the kicker that takes a social campaign to the next level. All of my favorite social campaigns have a touch of reality in them. There’s not one set way to do this either. One company created a hangover monster and used it as guerrilla marketing. As the monster terrorized parties all over, the companies brand grew. Another company recently used a digital tip jar that only acted when you Liked them on Facebook. The Gran Turismo video game franchise constantly has test drives and races that integrate digital with reality. Mercedes Benz had a social contest where your tweets actually fueled the car of your driver in a distance race. There is no one way to integrate the reality and social media but creativity is constantly being rewarded and UGC components are rarely a bad idea.

4: Measure the Results…Constantly

This is the most important step and should never be done all at once at the end of the campaign. Build a system where you can constantly grade your progress at least once a week. Use your key performance indicators to create a list of goals that you’re looking to reach and see how you’re progressing towards them.

If you have the ability, I like Shoutlet as a Social Media measurement provider. I think that they’re management team is one of the best and brightest in the game and that you’ll find their services useful.

5: Adjust Your Message

Lastly, don’t be so stubborn. After you’ve ‘Stayed the Course’ through a few storms, be ready to adjust a little bit. Flexibility is key in a market that is fickle at best. If you missed the target a little bit, don’t ride that out until your contract is up. Prove that you’re an expert who can take responsibility when something goes wrong and evolve. If you evolve and come back with a strong showing, your client will trust you to continue that trend despite a slow start in the next round.

Whatever you do, just remember to only promise what you can deliver and then deliver those results. Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living. Consider every social media campaign you do as a new life. Examine it. Oh, and be original. Originality is always respected even though it is not always accepted.

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  1. Bob

    Success through consistant application of the basics…how powerful is that?

    Thank you Tim.

    September 9, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    • It’s surprising how often people don’t understand the basics or forget to use them. Successful campaigns do. Really successful campaigns do the basics and more. Thanks for reading, Bob.

      September 9, 2011 at 4:23 pm

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