Mark Cuban Proves Marketing Genius

How's My Dirk Taste

Stevenson's New Tee

I don’t know if you’ve been online recently but Mark Cuban is having an amazing week. His Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals on Sunday. By Sunday night, he was all over ESPN, newspapers countrywide, sports websites globally and Twitter. The most impressive is what he did when his face wasn’t glued to a camera.

As many of you know, DeShawn Stevenson of the Mavericks made it his personal goal to get into the head of Lebron James during the NBA Finals. Many people, including myself, cautioned Stevenson from poking the giant athletic specimen that is LeBron James. What we all forgot is that Dirk Nowitzki recently took over Iverson’s moniker as ‘The Answer.’ As much as LeBron and the Heat tried, they could never pose a question about victory that Dirk and company couldn’t answer. After their Game 6 victory Sunday, DeShawn Stevenson was spotted by TMZ wearing a shirt that read, “Hey LeBron! How’s my Dirk Taste?”

All by itself, the shirt would merely be a topic to be debated on PTI by Wilbon and Korheiser. It’s not just a tee though. It’s a walking billboard. I know what you’re wondering. What am I talking about and why does this tee mean anything for Mark Cuban? If you look at the picture, only one logo is prominently displayed. Which logo was that? HDNet. For those of you who don’t know, HDNet is Cuban’s television station.

If Mark Cuban can do what he is rarely able to and keep his mouth shut about how is logo ended up on this tee, he will end up with more time on ESPN and other networks than he could ever get saying that Maverick fans ‘Punked’ Heat fans.

To make this long story short, Cuban is making news both with his mouth and with his silence. He is trending on Twitter for his comments, his team accomplishments, his fan’s dedication and hit players’ wardrobes. Truly, it is a good time to be Mark Cuban.

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